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Welcome to AceZKuruptGamerZ (LoL Clan)

AceZKuruptGamerZ Is a brand new clan on League Of Legends. That was created by Kungmoopanda on >24/6/11<


- We wish to catch up with other clan teams and battle our way through to the top, but we can't do that without you! Join Today!! By just clicking *Join AceZKuruptGamerZ (LoL Clan)* that located below the topics next to white boxes. (If u do not wish to fill out application just click *New User* but without filling one out , your not a member of AceZ, only a stand-by member)

- It will be great!! if you could look through rules (located in forums) and look at our clan ranks (located on the front page on the left side) and clan roster if u wish (Below the banner)

- Any Age is Allowed In but maturity comes 1st!!
- Must download X-Fire/Ventrilo (Similar to Ventrilo/Teamspeak and any others)
- Must Follow the rules! At all times
- Respect Non-clan members the way you respect clan members + leaders (Unless they started it, go nuts :}}

Why should you join AceZ?
- Newbie will get same respect as higher members.
- Newbies members will become really good within a week with Kungmoopanda support + Leaders.
- You will be able to challage other clans
- Plenty other reasons but only way to found out is to 

Join Us Today!

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